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About us

The Society for Fantasy Research e. V

The Gesellschaft für Fantastikforschung eV (GFF) is a scientific society that has set itself the task of promoting research into the fantastic in art, literature and culture in German-speaking countries on a scientific basis and of deepening scientific and cultural knowledge in these contribute to areas. To this end, the society publishes the members' magazine twice a year »Journal of Fantastic Research« and organizes a large annual conference at changing venues once a year (2010: Hamburg, November 2011, XNUMX: Salzburg, 2012: Zurich, 2013: Giessen/Wetzlar, 2014: Klagenfurt, 2015: Tubingen, 2016: Munster, 2017: Vienna, 2018: Fribourg, 2019: Berlin, 2020: Augsburg, 2021: Cologne/Bamberg, 2022: Dortmund, 2023: Dresden)

The GFF is based in Hamburg.

For more information, please contact the following email address: gff@fantastikforschung.de.



Board of Directors of the Society for Fantastic Research:

René Schallegger – First Chairman
Christian Knöppler – Vice Chairman
Sarah Faber - Treasurer
Christian Lenz – online representative
Laura Zinn - Secretary
Lars Schmeink – Past President