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Journal for the Research in the Fantastic (Zeitschrift für Fantastikforschung; ZFF)

The Zeitschrift für Fantastikforschung(ZFF) is interdisciplinary and has appeared on the online platform Open Library of Humanities since 2019. It is the aim of the ZFF to provide a forum for scientific discussion about the fantastic as a cultural text.

The “fantastic” is understood as a generic term that includes horror and the Gothic as well as utopias, science fiction, fantasy and speculative fiction, but also fairy tales, fables and myths. In German-speaking countries, the magazine published by the Association for the Research in the Fantastic eV (Gesellschaft für Fantastikforschung; GfF) is the only scientific publication in German that appears regularly and is entirely dedicated to the examination of the fantastic.

The ZfF publishes original contributions from the various humanities and social science disciplines that deal with the fantastic in literature, theater, film, fine art, comics and computer games. These essays deal with individual aspects of the history, theory and aesthetics of the fantastic or the fantastic as a social and cultural phenomenon (e.g. in fan and subcultures).

In addition, the ZFF publishes discussions of important new scientific publications, as both classic reviews and longer review essays. Other regular sections include the forums, in which several researchers comment on a current topic in short contributions, as well as interviews with creative people from the field of fantasy.

Original contributions are peer-reviewed in a double-blind process. All articles in the ZFF are open access and available both as PDF and directly on the website.


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