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Become a Contributor

In Academic Journal is interested in your collaboration. There is a standing call for papers for contributions in the form of articles, review-essays, recensions and translations on fantastic research.

The editors call on interested researchers to contribute articles to the journal for fantasy research. Contributions can be downloaded as a Word file at any time zff@fantastikforschung.de be submitted. They should be between 40.000 and 70.000 characters (including spaces, footnotes and bibliography), represent an original contribution to fantastic research and have not yet been published elsewhere. All texts are subjected to a peer review process, on the basis of which decisions are made about their publication.

If you want to write a review for the Zeitschrift für Fantastikforschung, we kindly ask of you to observe the following guidelines. The ZFF only publishes reviews of scientific monographs. Primary works of important scientific relevance and high innovative potential for research into the fantastic can be submitted in the form of longer review essays, which are about halfway between reviews and articles in terms of both their demands and their length. We assign reviews and review essays in agreement with the staff and ask that suggestions be discussed with the editors before the review is prepared. Reviews have a length of about 5.000 to 10.000 characters, review essays between 15.000 and 20.000 characters.

If you are interested in translating a central text of research of the fantastic into German, then get in touch with us. We are also happy to accept suggestions as to which texts from a specific national research into the fantastic might be suitable for this category.

We ask that you proofread the contributions thoroughly before sending them in and that you comply with the agreed deadlines. Please use MLA citation and our style sheet for all submissions. Unfortunately, we are not in a position to provide financial compensation for contributions, but we will provide a specimen copy of the relevant issue of the ZFF for your information. All questions and submissions please zff@fantastikforschung.de.

Thank you!